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Fight Club: A Novel

Fight Club A NovelThe main character, living to the limit of clean and fresh world begins to torment insomnia. The doctor is the treatment sends him to look at those who are really bad – cancer patients, for example. The hero takes the advice to heart and becomes dependent on various groups of terminally ill people. Insomnia disappears, but there is Marla singer is as a malingerer, and then Tyler is a comprehensive repository of wisdom, who brought out of her philosophy of self-destruction, and the secrets of soap making, which is closely associated with the manufacture of explosives.

That is Tyler’s idea to create Fight club, where the mordobitie can be liberated, to feel their power over others and at the same time aware of its own futility. The club is growing and under the leadership of Tyler is slowly becoming a true sect, the aim of which is to make war with the culture. The plot of the book is interesting, but the embodiment of some kind of questionable. The text is sparse, steep, with constant repetition and pretentious pseudophilosophy. Unconditional claim to originality of the presentation, but, in my opinion, the plan failed and turned out to be mostly water.

In addition, it’s a shame even for the main character – all the prerequisites for this mental disorder this, but it came out crap, there are many white spots. But the main thing – reason! You are no moral injury, just speaking globally, boring and bland it is, depression, life isn’t worth living, something to live for and other bouquet like almost teen pens. However, the other members of Fight club – is another matter, but it is really the level of sects. The sect brainwashed rebels, there were normal people with their life problems and become fully controllable by the executors of the will of Tyler. But back to the main character. Given his selfless love for Tyler, the jealousy, the iconic kissing in the handle and the fixation on other people’s pants, the impression that all the fuss due to repressed homosexual impulses, that’s all. This, incidentally, generally gives the novel a slightly different color. Although the whole thing is quite interesting. It is of interest that the moments which seemed to me completely superfluous in the film, are an integral part of the book and look very appropriate.

Here it is through these books I realize that change. Don’t know whether getting older, getting older, getting wiser, or, on the contrary, stupid,but certainly changing. More years that way fifteen years ago this book would have led me in a wild delight, as once the famous movie of the same name – he had a very long discussion, it was believed, was quoted and was just all hearsay, but now in me it did not cause any reaction. Exactly. Neither heat nor cold. I either outgrew, or just didn’t take, not the essence. The fact that there is nothing in me stirred.

Palahniuk I, in principle, and after “Survivor” and “Lullaby” seemed pretty edgy in terms of style of writing of books by the author, now I’m one hundred percent convinced. Not disappointed, no, but not discovered anything new and supernatural that would define as a “cult”. Apparently the cult of “Fight club” I left it in the past, along with his adaptation.