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FangirlCath Avery is a fan of books about Simon Snow (Harry Potter?) Yes it eighteen years and she still likes Simon and still writes about him fan fiction, with quite popular and successful around the world. Before cat wrote fan fiction together with his the sister – a twin Ren, which, too, his love, but after the end of the schools and revenues in College Ren decided start new life and, alas, in this life there is no room fan fiction and Simon snow. The life of the sisters is changing, they move away and even settle in different dormitories, so as not to interfere with each other.

Ren trying to try everything, it starts to smoke, drink, meet guys, and Kate, meanwhile, is afraid to even step outside her room and asked her roommate Reagan, where a dining room. Our cat is very uptight and closed personality, she likes solitude, quiet, likes to dive into a fictional world of your favorite book characters and write fanfiction about them.

She is sociophobic-it is convenient in the world that she has created for herself. And when in her life comes a charming, charismatic and just a really nice guy – Levi, kat realizes that it’s time to leave his little world or not to see her happy ending. “Writing, sometimes you like running downhill: banging on the keyboard fingers not keeping up with the idea, almost like a leg – stretch down with gravity” was Very pleased with the insertion of a series of books about Simon snow, the insertion of the fanfiction Cath they gave the magical book and a magical atmosphere, through them you can become better acquainted with your favorite book characters our main character – Simon and the Database. And Yes without same-sex love here not go off.

Lately, this topic is increasingly mentioned in the books, I don’t know, I personally do not accustomed yet to read about such relations. In fact, the book is interesting and a good representative of adolescent literature, but the hype that has formed near it I still do not understand. The plot is interesting, the characters are cool, but to praise it as others do, I would not. This is just a simple, very sweet story about first love, growing up, about fanfiction which can have a good time, about anything without thinking.