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Eyeless in Gaza

Eyeless in GazaWe are all slaves. Ones — slaves to their Ideas, others-slaves to their Principles, one falls into the bondage things were created in order to simplify our lives, someone is in bondage to the tyranny of their parents. Idols for the worship of the mass, to us with great generosity of their present state (the Empire, the honor of the Nation), religion (God, Jesus), Hollywood. In humans, there is no free will, all his actions are dictated by conditioned reflexes that have been developed by the environment.

Conventionally, the book can be divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part we are waiting for the reflections, philosophizing, a detailed analysis of society, personality, and more. The theoretical part is presented in the form of monologues, diaries and lengthy interviews the main characters. The practical part demonstrates how those theories are reflected in everyday life.

The main hero is Anthony Beavis, behind him we see at different periods of his life from 12 to 45 years. Most of the time he spends in a more or less passive condition (in some moments it is due to cowardice, in some moments, a reluctance to take any action) and I have the impression that thus he wants to achieve a neutral state, when he would sit quietly in his place, watching everyone, analyzing, evaluating, but thus avoiding the evaluation of their actions from others. He tries to be cynical and independent. In the end he has to flee from this life to the other end of the world, in Mexico, which do not impose “civilization” (the source of all evils). During this trip, Anthony changed his worldview and he, too, appear their Ideas.

His first love, Marie, his idol had chosen herself. A huge string of lovers, the execution of any whim, the claim to originality, courage and intelligence… Blinded by its magnificence, she was not able to objectively assess the reality: she is no longer young, that her lovers openly use. In the end it is completely away from reality, down to the bottom of hell’s morphinist.

In the category of “slaves of Love” can be attributed to the unattractive homosexual Beppo, winding countless communications that do not bring him any satisfaction and just sucking the money out of him.

The category of other slaves – “slaves of Mind”. Brian, who was not able to lure the French prostitute, but who was inflamed from the descriptions of the sex scenes in the novels. He first fell in love, much, really, but (laugh and cry), he considered it unworthy, dirty, to experience the carnal desire for his beloved. What else can you expect from a man who, brought up under the yoke of overly loving mother, about the relationship of people knew only from books. The book is missing a significant portion of human lives: the little things of everyday life, the physiological details… In General, in the books there is no life as such, just smooth, refined imagination, giving little idea of what happens in reality.

In the same company you can add Hugh, shy, timid and smart. He managed his kindness and sensitivity to bring Helen, but by marrying her, he realized that he could not be her husband. Then he described all that he could not do in reality in his novel.

Slaves of Ideas and Principles-Akki who had fled from Germany and mark who fled from mankind. Ideas, perhaps the most brutal idols, they hurt the most. Mark for me, in General, has remained a mystery all his life to go against the expectations of others, against family, against sexual desire, against greed and vanity. And so it is foolish to make a mistake.

This book, primarily, for the mind. So, if you don’t like long and entangled thoughts, you will likely not like it. But there is heart and where to turn. The most fascinating story — Joan, Brian and Anthony. And though the author (damn it!) from the first pages warns us about what this story will end (killing all hope), I still read about it with great excitement and anticipation. Moreover, it stretched the entire book and parts of it separated from each other by several tens of pages. I cursed the author for such flour and patiently moved to the end. Something about this story reminded “Dangerous liaisons” — the man sent by the hand of his mistress, vulgar, and totally devoid of genuine feelings, commits an act contrary to his nature, which leads to tragic consequences. I think, Brian, in principle, was I prettier than all the rest — he’s not afraid to speak out against others and to defend their opinion, even despite the fact that it cost him no small trouble. His mistake, in my opinion, was that he judged others by themselves and expect them only good.

The final note of the book “Eyeless in Gaza” sounds, the idea that Unity is able to save all people, the whole world. Having begun to love each other, we begin to better understand each other, there will be no need in revolutions, will cease to exist the concept of “violence, hatred, war.” Pacifism. Here’s an Idea, can be freed from slavery. The novel’s ending is left open but if you close the book and look at its name… well, drawing an analogy Anthony-Samson, nothing good should not wait.

The book consists of small chapters that are in absolute chronological mess. At the beginning of each Chapter only contains a date. In order to piece this crazy puzzle, I had to keep a record, in which I marked the date and everything that is happening at this time. Then I at any time could access the records and see what preceded a particular event. I’m afraid without these records I would be very confused about what was “before”, “after”, etc.

To this work from Huxley, I only read “brave new world” . These are two completely different books, as if they were written by two different people. But they still knew one another, because then, with what courage they judge humanity, society and this passion to fall into dependence on what we ourselves are surrounded, clearly indicates the common ground. Perhaps they discussed this subject at your leisure.
I brought great pleasure, however, I must admit some chapters I reread several times, badly straining your brain to delve deeper into the presented thoughts. Clearly, Haxey interested me, I’ll be more acquainted with the rest of his works.