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ExcavationMultiple storylines: adventure, mystical and scientific are closely interwoven into a single fabric of the story. It all starts with the mummy, which in the prologue we were presented with quite a living. Preparation of an ancient mummy in her mind detected a strange substance, and scientists decided to equip the expedition to the places where they found these ancient remains.

The archaeological expedition finds a lost underground city and the temple of the Incas in the mountain, but during the night outing and fatal circumstances, several young archaeologists find themselves walled up in the dungeon without being able to get out the same way as to get there. Incredibly tense Exodus from the cave (where, BRR, spiders and thousands of bats) leads the heroes to an even more eerie place, where ancient traditions are still strong, there is no connection with the outside world and very strange rituals are practiced…

Meanwhile, in America, scientists are trying to unravel the mystery of the mysterious substance at the same time engaging in a confrontation with a certain Catholic order, eager to find the temple and get the gold of the Incas… The book shows what people can be, how they react to mortal danger, who behaves in a critical situation. Appearances are deceiving – it proves the characters-the monks, who have forgotten about God, surrendering some personal ambitions and motives. For me the strongest part was the journey through the cave and the mysteries that it held… In it and the characters are vividly written, and the event is creepy, and experiences for the characters are very sharp, pages are turned with cosmic speed, because with bated breath watching the UPS and downs.

The second part of the book, with a settlement of Incas, dying, reviving, and sacrificed children who mutated into something ugly, seemed a little incomprehensible. The denouement is a bit surprised as well I thought. I didn’t realize at all when Henry decided to keep Philip alive, not Joan. Motivation is unclear. Like Joan won’t forgive him if he chooses her. But if she’s going to die – like she would care?! Interestingly, as she responded, when Henry it this episode told – but the author preferred to leave this for shot.

Generally, of course, is fantastic, but I have somehow already established stereotype Rollins as a player and as perelazovskiy scientific facts with their implementation under the turbulence of his imagination, but here the fantasy is completely accurate and most likely it seemed to me only the part about the underground labyrinth, and that is not all.