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Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste NgAfter reading this novel, it becomes clear how the hopes, desires and dreams of the parents is not wishes and dreams of children. All this does not have to be the same. We must learn to let go into the world of their aspirations for their children. She wanted to be a good doctor, and her mom measure her “coat” expectations, wanted to make her a model housewife.

Happened? Yes. But why? Man is not happy. Can unhappy people raise happy children?! Rhetorical question. She says I won’t do as a mother. I’m not going to raise his daughter a faithful wife and a good hostess, I will help her become a good doctor. Right? No, because she does exactly as her mother.

It was imposing its view of life to her daughter, she can’t hear what he wants to do that, because it forced her to nod like a puppet, in favor of himself. And she loved her… Her? Or Their empty hope? He wants to make her smile, she was like everything to have ceased to be a halfling in this world. She doesn’t want to smile when you do not want.

Son wants to live their destiny, but also despise him for it, because it does not correspond to the dreams of his father. He was expelled, without notice. Hannah… She was never supposed to be born. It was not expected. It is not. And no this is not savage family, looks very decent, no they are not animals. They are confused in their desires and in their silence. They will come from all of this? What will come out of this whirlpool?