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Eugene Onegin [Oneguine] by Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin

Eugene OneginThere is a legend that the idea of writing «Eugene Onegin» came to Pushkin in a time when violent youth brought him to shame. He was caught with a pretty maid for extremely nefarious deeds, and even in the hotel. Say, the scandal was terrible. Perhaps this shake-up has forced the poet to write about life of sin of his generation. Six years later, he finished a novel in verse called «Eugene Onegin».

Pushkin wrote about what he had seen in so many of his compatriots. Before us is a human tragedy, crippled by debauchery. The main character, Onegin was born in luxury, and from an early age plunged into the world of debauchery, drinking, major advantage-price, love Affairs and obscenities. He’s a brilliant aristocrat, king of Petersburg’s gilded youth. His circle of friends – glamorous trash. Our hero regularly fascinates his image, cares for the girls, carousing in full, but at some point the soul begins to vomit from all this mess… And it flows into the spleen…

Unlike negligent colleagues, Onegin is able to think and analyze, but can anything save him from a curse, which carry all the rich idlers of despair… his life is not real – the puppet and dried. The only tragedy is that it is happy.

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