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Endymion (Hyperion)

Endymion (Hyperion)The novel unfolds over three centuries after the events described in the final the book «The Fall of Hyperion». Scattered on the universal canvas worlds now unites the Holy Church and the Order, headed by the permanent Dad, whenever reviving after death. Resurrection is not a miracle, not an allegory, not a beautiful poetic image, but a reality for any man, in token of acceptance of the Christian faith received the cross. Cruciform. The parasite, which magically disappeared negative connotation, is now accepted as a gift of the Lord and distributed almost everywhere.

The main character, Raul Endymion, one of the few who has not taken the cruciform, and thereby condemned himself to the true death. He refused the gift of resurrection for reasons not entirely clear even to himself, and probably did the most reasonable thing to do in life.

Raul Endymion something looks like a fabulous fool. In decisions he is guided rather than reason, and some inner instinct. The similarity is compounded by the mission to be performed the main character. He was instructed to be neither more nor less – to overthrow the dominion of the Church, to punch her Order, and even return to the place Earth. Yes, with a capital letter. Yes, the planet. The first step to that is to find and protect a girl named Aeneas, which, again is the Messiah and a threat to the Church.

The scale in the book “Endymion” in comparison with the first books of the cycle is significantly reduced. It is the most that neither is adventure. Dan Simmons, without further ADO, just send heroes to quest for the great river Tethys, carrying its water through numerous worlds. Each destination means a collision with a variety of minor characters and a never-ending escape from the messengers of the Holy Church. There is no more interesting and ambiguous characters. Endymion – the typical character is a klutz, a sort of good-natured goof-guard, most of the book held open in astonishment mouth. About Aeneas in this book say almost nothing, the blossoming of her character clearly falls on the final book of the series. The third in this small company – Android A. Bettik – demeanor woodhouses hell of a lot like Jeeves, exactly like an English Butler. Just antagonist – father de Soya – sent by the Church in pursuit of the girl who demonstrates throughout the novel certain dynamism and depth of character.

In «Endymion» by Dan Simmons refused to philosophizing. Adventure nature of the book will further emphasize the colorful descriptions of worlds where the heroes will visit.