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Ender’s Game (The Ender Quintet)

Ender's Game (The Ender Quintet)The idea of having a perfect incarnation, gives us a book I read decades. The novel is a classic because the issues of war, power and forgiveness is eternal. Before this novel I was sure that you didn’t love space fiction. Card introduced me to this genre, vast and boundless as the universe. Thank you! First, the brain was hard to accept the fact that all events occur initially with a six year old boy.

Brain rebelled and slipped me shots-earthlings from the Playground under the window. There is the salvation of mankind? Later we managed to compromise. The author respects his readers and trusts him. It leaves him the opportunity of creativity in guessing the small details of everyday life of the people in his hypothetical future. I’m always grateful for the dosed elements of creativity in reading, they create the effect of belonging. And I tried to trust. If people built space ships, why can’t they master the farming geniuses. Moreover, the world is in dire need of them.

Have card its the Game. Human beings are free except when humanity needs. Andrew Where. Ender. Third. He is 6 years old and he already knows what “ambivalent”. He was born in the era of birth control. By law a family can have no more than two children. In very exceptional cases, the government gives permission for the birth of the Third.

As you can see, Ender has become the exception to the rule, even before his birth. And it’s not luck, it’s a heavy cross. I must say that the couple’s Wiggins all the kids get gifted. Peter, Valentine and Andrew – three of the brain, each strong in its own way. The Union of the three greatest minds in interesting, their confrontation is fascinating. Peter and Valentina own game, their playing field – the Earth. Ender was forced to leave, he’s the only one from their family was selected space in the school. His game will lie in a different plane, but if he loses, everyone will be one big Game Over.

To Ender, there were a lot of guys. Someone rejected someone broke. How far can he go? To be honest, I was sick. Hatred, anger. Graff, sometimes I wanted to strangle you! I know people have survived Two invasions of rokerov and the Third can be for our race lethal. Perhaps the end justifies the means, but follow it heavily. Born contrary to the law, Ender learns to avoid them for life. He is forced to. It needs. They had him cornered. The game is without rules. This is his game. Arsenal of educational techniques from teachers is great. However, sometimes it smells more torture than training.