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Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park«Eleanor & Park» – another representative of novels for teenagers, which can be attributed to the list of cozy, warm books, while reading which becomes good at heart.

This is a book about a guy and a girl, about two lonely, lost souls who were able to find support and comfort in each other. They have become for each other a kind of Harbor, where he could escape from all their problems. Eleanor and Park first met on the school bus. He’s the one who lost her place and began to ridicule and mock her appearance. With this and began their history.

Eleanor is a girl who is not afraid to look strange and inappropriate. She wears baggy, sometimes even men’s clothing and complements it with a variety of accessories. She has a mound of red, curly hair, freckles on her face, she is quite plump, because of what she constantly becomes a target for jokes and bullying from her peers.

Park is a guy of Korean appearance, always in black, almost always in headphones with songs of favorite bands, he loves to read comics and does Taekwondo. And such two “outcasts” were able to find joy and comfort in joint communication.

Eleanor sought refuge from his family problems are a large family, food is barely enough, and stepfather – a real tyrant. And the Park was able to find a person who would share his interests and did not focus on his appearance, unlike others. Their communication began with the exchange of comics, then the Park began to record tapes for Eleanor with the songs of his favorite groups, so they got closer.

Gradually a friendship began to grow into something more. For both the dissimilarity and even the strangeness became particularly attractive in each other. On my view, this is one of the few books, that me was connected read, in which realistically described the first love, the first feelings, no vulgarity or drama. Also, I liked the family of the Park, the relationship between father and mother, that’s for sure – love to the grave, and between parents and children – full understanding and support.