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Eclipse (The Twilight Saga Book 3)

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga Book 3)Briefly about the plot: Bella begin to hunt this unknown to the vampires, which incidentally kill a decent number of Seattle residents. Werwulf and the Cullens unite to fight the looming danger. Against this background develops a love story line: Bella is forced to choose between Edward and Jacob (though, to be more precise – is forced once again to deny Jake).

I liked the book as a part of the whole, as a part of the story. But if we consider it as still partially independent work, there are some disadvantages. With them I will begin. First, the slowness. I understand that the description of feelings it involves, but, still, when in the middle of the book there is still no development of the plot, and everything remains at the end, it becomes a little boring. Second, the lack of any integrity and consistency of the plot. Whether Meyer was in a hurry, or even some good reason, but…the Intertwining love interest (Jacob-Bella-Edward) with the line adventure (or as it is better to call the Association of werewolves and vampires in the fight with Victoria and “newborn”) sometimes it seemed sudden, it was not unexpected, and ill-conceived in the framework of the plot.

Maybe it’s the fact that, in principle, the second line was paid, in my opinion, not too much attention: a couple of paragraphs, solving, who to hunt for Bella, Yes, a little more than a dozen pages on the fight. What is not liked in the story, skip to the part that did not like in content and heroes. And here most of all criticism is the main character. She pushes me throughout the book. First, I think Mayer is too tipped to the ability of Bella to sacrifice: a parallel in his name, and “third wife” from the legend of the Quileute seemed unnecessary. Plus I wasn’t too impressed: it is the desire of Bella to get to Edward’s body.

It looks too in the genre of the series. Yes, it may be suitable for film, but not for books. Painfully somehow rude? Of course, it was that much. First, the history of Jasper, which for two books remained stubbornly silent. And there was all not so easy: participation in a vampire showdown, numerous scars on his arm and experience, useful to combat the “newborns” of Victoria. And, if we are to talk about life stories, not to mention Rosalie. That’s really who valid do not want to be a vampire. While reading, was the idea that Mayer has no great love for beautiful girls.

Painfully cruel fate Rosalie: to suffer for your own beauty and dreams. Second, a love triangle. Even despite the fact that he was more like a normal average human triangle. Personally I feel sorry for Edward and Jacob, they’re not to blame for the fact that Bella is so loving. And both lads showed their best side, that Jacob, who fought to the end, that Edward, who was ready to retreat. And, of course, the conversation in the tent – lovely. Frankness two rivals is something interesting. And Yes, perhaps if Jake was a year, then Bella would have stayed with him. Although it wouldn’t hurt her until the end of life to think about Edward.