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Echo Burning (Jack Reacher)

Echo BurningThis book series left an ambiguous impression. Just me until read five books by the author – one I consider a masterpiece, others liked – some more, some less. And in this book I have noted quite a lot of minuses. So, the first negative – illogical (absurd) behavior of many characters.

Do you know many women who will travel around the County and to persuade the strangers to kill their husband? I’m sure that there are no women, at least, mentally healthy. In this book, and Reacher is behaving strangely, struggling to the last in an effort to help the woman, which it does not bind anything. Less noticeable oddities in the behavior of different characters in the book are also missing. The second disadvantage is that connects Lee child storyline with the “side” line of books at the end.

Logically, these two lines could not be bundled together, and all it leaves a feeling of unreality, unreliability of what is happening. Third, and most important, minus the main “villain” you calculate at the click of a finger, when you’re left to read a third or a quarter of the book. But the main trump of detectives Lee child is that he very well knows how to “hide”, to disguise their “villains”.

From the pros: reliable, detailed descriptions of life in Texas, its weather, climate, its people. Interesting character – a little girl Ellie, describing her character, behavior, etc. and, of course, the Reacher, as always, cool, calm, fair and consistent. And if the first half of the book covered, and it has few events, then second places keeps the suspense and arousing interest. © Bright_person