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Dying of the Light

Dying of the LightMartin created the Universe with an interesting backstory, populated by various races and peoples on many planets. Each race or the planet, their traditions, and in contact, sometimes conflict cannot be avoided. This also keeps the main plot — the protagonist, who arrived on the planet-an outcast of Worlorn at the request of his former lover, getting into other people’s foundations with all my being. Will he be able to discard morality and try to understand an alien? The issue raised many times and to which Martin replied, not without elegance, but pretty bland, although it is possible that the freshness was laid them deliberately. The main characters sailing to nowhere as the planet under their feet — without purpose, without meaning, but full of anguish and fears of ordinary people that surround us everyday and who do not know what they want from life. The personification of all the pointless.

Echoes of this idea and the background of the whole story — the slow death of the planet-wanderer, only 50 years old coming to the local solar orbit. Brought to her a species of animals and plants still continue to fight, although it doesn’t matter now, yet the light still warms the surface, until the oceans are not frozen, and the atmosphere does not evaporate. A good metaphor for the slow extinction of all life in our Universe. Martin just gave us accelerated a million times version, which is one of the most memorable moments is the city’s twelfth dream, long ago lost all traces of humanity.

Aimless wandering path of the planet wanderer came out of the darkness of the cosmic abyss flame clusters of stars. The icy shell cracked and coming light years surface learned what the touch of heat of several suns. Attracted by the unusual phenomenon came Murashi-men, and it was decided to hold the Festival. Each of the civilizations had built the city in its unique architectural style, imported plants and animals, and the planet, not knowing anything before, apart from the cold of space, suddenly felt the stir of life.

So does it matter that the Festival was only a vain attempt of several cultures to compete with each other achievements and go home? So does it matter that the ice and the darkness will soon return, after a dozen light years, when the planet leaves the shelter, giving warmth and light? It was a world that was not promised tomorrow. The world, where he arrived man in response to the call of lost love. The man who hoped to resurrect the dead in the dying light of a dying world. The book corresponds to the name: everything in it is gradually dying. Unfortunately, a very curious picture of the world in a thin layer was smeared very dull story. Probably could go a hymn to loneliness and inability to return to the past in epic-apocalyptic paints a dying planet. But it turned out that: running around with a couple of mediocre fights and repeat the “sometimes you just have to let go”, “love the person, not the image.” In addition, there is a strange relationship cavalancia as a mandatory object to overcome the hero of the aversion to the alien and dead city.