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Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

Down and Out in Paris and London by George OrwellFrom the first pages the reader inevitably an atmosphere of poverty and despair, similar to the palette of “Crime and punishment” by Dostoevsky. For the protagonist there is no bright future. All that is is a harsh hungry and cold now.

Today, today’s happiness. Whereas, well-educated young man from a wealthy family deliberately doomed himself to such a life, one can only admire his dedication and fortitude with which he meets every new trouble. Individual deserves compliments for his appeal to ordinary people of low birth, ignoble professions and ignorant views.

The protagonist has exposed his body and mind sorely tested not to please the whim to annoy the parents, but from noble intentions – to share the lives of the poor, to understand its basic laws and based on his personal experience to propose realistic measures to improve the situation in the lower strata of society. In the first part of the novel, we are immersed in the messy, turbulent, bustling Paris. The main character in the result of a fatal combination of circumstances remains the main source of income – lessons English and a minor in journalism.

Moreover, he left without their savings, which teaches to austerity and visits to the pawnshop. The city was crowded with unemployed and find a place is no easier than to survive for the amount of crumbs that manage to get the main character and his companion in adversity, a former white Russian officer Boris. In the end, the boy tucks the dubious chance to start a career plongera in the hotel business. Not being able to refuse, the main character voluntarily becomes a slave of the hospitality industry…

In the second part of the novel on stage cold, austere, moralistic London. The main character needs to stay for three weeks until his ward, you want to monitor. And during these twenty days, the young man falls even lower Paris of slavery – he becomes a bum. Eats in workhouses, religious involved in pastoral conversations for a piece of bread with margarine and on foot measures English soil from rooming house to rooming house.

In the end, the protagonist manages to dispel the myth of the “polls criminal” tendencies vagrants. On the side of life, it may be any death, regardless of education.

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