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Doomed (Damned #2)

Doomed (Damned #2)Once wrote “Fight Club“, and after a while “Haunted” and “Choke” Chuck Palahniuk insidious invader invaded the literary world, took hostage a couple of million hungry for change readers ‘ hearts and until the last moment continued in cold blood to terrorize the sensitive souls of their fans. The last moment came suddenly and embarrassingly suddenly like a loud, prolonged sneeze during a performance of Beethoven’s fifth Symphony.

In General, the event, meaning that the Chuck Palahniuk of unconventional, daring, unpredictable and reckless revolutionary-rebel gradually turned into a boring, monotonous, vulgar scribbler, still happened. And this event was the novel “Doomed” – a new novel of the flagship of the counterculture. Now I hate to criticize one of his favorite writers, abundantly pour a head ashes and to pour out streams of outrageous rants, but I guess it’s worth to admit the obvious and very bitter fact that the novel “Doomed” old Chuck openly merged.

Yes, a record is a great Palahniuk “Fight Club” and no less great “Invisible Monsters”. Yes, “Fight Club” is an absolute opus magnum a cult classic modern alternative prose. “Doomed” is a novel to put it mildly weak. It looks somehow childish, a lightweight, raw and designed, if at the time of his writing, Palahniuk was saying: “Okay, okay, anyway, time is running out”. However, for the sake of justice and for complacency, it should be noted that, despite numerous disadvantages, read it quite easily, it has some memorable moments and unexpected plot turns, so to call it worthless worthless dud I probably won’t. “Doomed” old Chuck was conceived as a sequel to “Damned“.

If someone does not remember, or who haven’t read it, the novel “Damned” thirteen year old girl named Madison after his sudden death goes to hell. There she fights the forces of evil, examines the situation of the underworld, remembers his past and suddenly learns that her life is a script written by Satan himself. In the novel “Doomed” the same Palahniuk sends Madison to the Ground, puts on her the appearance of a Ghost and turns into an object of worship of millions of people who on the basis of her “exercises” create a new religion and see in this fad wayward girl, his salvation and eternal life in Paradise in the company of God’s creatures.

But Palahniuk wasn’t Palahniuk, if his books were missing various perversions, the flow of various bodily fluids, severed genitals, widespread blasphemy and caustic ridicule of the primitive human spirit. Yes, all of this abound in almost every Palahniuk novel, in the novel “Doomed”. And almost every novel you can see the same techniques, methods of presentation and the manner of presentation, the same thoughts and beliefs and the same Outlook on the world.

This suggests that perhaps the old Chuck ceased to grow. May slowly began to degrade. Probably just wants to make money. And perhaps what we – the fans of his talent – grow and be a little different. And probably all it is right and natural. As we Mature, change their preferences, tastes and habits, I want to believe that even you become wiser and gain experience. On our shelves place Palahniuk over time is Hesse and bellow, and the place J. K. Rowling – Borges and Lovecraft. All this is true. That’s just like the king of countercultural prose declared itself next to their masterpiece, forcing us, as in the good old days, filled with rebellious spirit and an insatiable thirst for change.