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Die Trying (Jack Reacher)

Die TryingJack Reacher is former major in the us military police, qualified and competent expert in his field. Sharp mind and wit help to go through life not komives. And how? After all, he and his brother were born and grew up in the barracks among the military. And followed in the footsteps of his father, a marine. Also become military.

But it so happened that Jack drops everything and becomes a simple civilian. Without a home and family, he roams the United States, moving from city to city. In free flight, as they say… Live as he wants, does what he wants and goes like a bird in the sky, wherever he wants. No orders, reports, assignments. Family no relations has long does not.

The second book in this series tells the story of how Jack Reacher extends a helping hand to the attractive woman on crutches, and the next moment they both be in the sights of two handguns. Reacher and the woman, claiming that she’s an FBI agent, kidnapped, and taken across America…it is not clear where the Girl is kidnapped. At the time of the abduction, accidentally Reacher trying to help her, and himself taken prisoner.

Then in parallel there are two plot threads. The storyline forks. To bifurcate the investigation, which leads the FBI to rescue the kidnapped, and the kidnapping of a mysterious girl Holly. Honestly, the FBI’s investigation for me were of no interest. Pretty boring and dreary. But the line directly with the kidnapping was interesting and exciting. In books you will see a kidnapping, a long misunderstanding what do the kidnappers want, prisoner, handcuffs, violence, guns, shootings, a terrorist camp and more… And of course our hero Jack Reacher… Where do without it!

Overall, not a bad strong fighter. And if you are bored and grabbed this book if you like adventure and adventure, then feel free to take up the “Die Trying” and enjoy.