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Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 1

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff KinneyVery funny book, but it will be interesting for children 9-11 years, probably. Something similar to the”History of Tracy Bicker ” Jacqueline Wilson, all the same children’s problems, school, friends, parents. Funny and funny illustrations make the story alive and fascinating.

I can only say that I did not like the main character here, mean and selfish, using people to achieve their own goals.. But after all on that he and “Weakling”, so to speak a collective image of teenage defects. Although he does only in himself to please, he still has a sense of conscience, he thinks about how best to do”the right thing, or how easy it is?”

The internal struggle of regret for the weakness and cowardice. He lacks the willpower to ask for forgiveness, and generally to do decent, or he is just looking for an easier way.. In any case, his mental throwing to some extent, we are familiar with, and the book is quite instructive. It’s a little sad that the whole book of the hero does not change, but since the series has many more subsequent parts, I hope that Greg Heffley will eventually change and become a good man:)