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Deep Fathom

Deep FathomPerhaps, in this book collected all. Ancient civilizations, forgotten and unsolved languages, dark matter of the universe, sunken cities, megalithic structures, mysterious underground … a little more jokes with time and space. To make it all look dull, added a couple of very interesting scientific lectures on the topic, the mass is different from weight. Suddenly you was a deuce in physics, and here it is possible to fill the gap. Very thoughtful of you. All of this would be unreadable bullshit. If not scope. Opposition of the main character and the main villain, reveals in such magnificent scenery and so is stuffed with action that becomes absolutely all the same that such can’t be. Because it just does not come off!

The action takes place against the backdrop of the war between China and the United States. Oceans travel through the carriers, from fighter is not seen the sky in all figachat automatic anti-aircraft system, the sky is crossed with the traces of the flight of nuclear missiles, crumbling city , drowning Islands and volcanoes erupt!

Rollins tries to write without departing from the true facts, so this book, as they say, will reveal to us the veil of secrets, well, or give the key to solving how our climate is changing, melting glaciers, global warming and where it all goes.

The author knows how to keep the voltage spikes you scientific, historical and religious facts, and even the very development of the plot is very dynamic and action abound. Great mix! The scale of the disaster-the whole world. And all will die if you do not find the antidote to this terrible virus. It needs to connect and science, and history, and religion, and archeology, and biology. In short everything that may help. But there is still a human factor – people have always been responsible for the destruction. There is no exception.

The book has a lot of facts on a variety of topics, but the author knows how to convey the virtuoso so that it would not be boring – about the discoveries of Tesla, about the participation of Mark TWAIN and the scientist Livingston, about the executions of the Egyptian, about energy and much more, which often causes drowsiness in many lives.