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David Starr, Space Ranger

David Starr, Space RangerHere it is the portrait of the future, drawn with a confident hand by Isaac Asimov. As expected, the people will thrive to indecent and have part of the population urgently to settle on the Galaxy. Our native Earth renamed to planet of Sol, and the earth will be called any planet where you can survive. No agriculture on Earth (faithful habit) will be no more people would fit in there – at the time of the narrative on the Ground is home to 9 billion people. So the Ground to feed the colony, which supply the products.

And so, the people swarming on the red belly of Mars, cold and unfriendly, sending as a test of a terrible sandstorm. Will get in a car without sand, and we’ll call you – the body, electrically charged dust particles will get caught under a respiratory mask, clog nose, mouth, eyes. In the conditions of constant risk Martian farmers grow crops so that the Earth people could eat their fill.

But earthlings don’t pay the Martians gratitude: they are too proud to live in the historic homeland of man. And suddenly the people on Earth begin to die after taking the Martian food. The victim of a mysterious poisoning die despite medical treatment. Victims are not so many, about 3 hundred of 9 billion people, but the detective instinct of the members of the Council of Science comes to the conclusion that it was the work of an unknown villain. And then offer David Starr to investigate this threat: who and what he wants to do with these deaths? If the data about the poisoning of the Martian products will seep into government and there is an embargo, farm, Mars will be destroyed, but the Earth millions of people will die from hunger.

Acquaintance with the works of Asimov that started so spontaneously and with not the most hyped novel can not be called bad, even with all my dislike to the detectives. Quite possibly, I read David Starr before, I would have liked much more. In the descriptions Asimov concise, and all drawing imagination painting under his dictation out sketchy and more like a drawing. And still can’t shake the feeling that the story is more suitable for boys 14 years. There is in it such a cowboy motif: David Starr, with a Blaster at the ready, one against all, fighting the cleft without breathing apparatus in a toxic atmosphere of Mars, dust storms, etc. All this causes mild irritation, though, because in my view, investigators do not apply.