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Dandelion Wine

Dandelion WineTo cook delicious and strong coffee, it is very important not to miss the moment when the coffee should be mixed in the first and second time. So it is with happiness: most importantly, during the siege of the surging wave at you to not choke, then it will certainly follow next, and another, and another… When I feel good when I am filled with a sense of universal pleasure, I can feel how wet my eyes.

No, it’s not like “wet eyes” – the first sign of rolling tears. I usually just feel my eyes fill with moisture, quite a bit, so that even the silhouettes do not lose their clear outlines. I guess looking from the outside, anyone would say that they Shine. Maybe it is, I never in those moments was not looking in the mirror. The fact that it always happens for different reasons. Can walk down the street, the sky the sun will Shine, the iPod will play uplifting songs, and then I think all hell, and beautiful, and my eyes will Shine. Can race at a meeting with the young man, thoughts of which something swells inside me, pulsing, then abruptly shrinks, trembles, bottled warm, running goosebumps and poured into my eyes.

Can get credit after a nervous sleepless nights, out of the classroom and not just run through your stairs and corridors, soaking up the eyes of walls, stairs and signs one of the best places on earth. But what is really there. I think there is no need to list things that can delight in the incomplete eighteen years. But my conscience just does not allow me to remain silent in this case. I’ve never tried dandelion wine. But I can precisely tell that “dandelion Wine” – delicious. I, by coincidence, opened the book Bradbury the first of June, and plunged into the summer.

The novel is saturated with it, he reeks of it, it remains on the fingertips and penetrates deep into the soul. The book is soaked with nostalgia from flyleaf to flyleaf, from first to the last letter, every page, every paragraph, every line spacing. With each record, the Douglas in his diary, with every opening, no matter sad or happy, with each event in a small American town, I changed. It sounds pretty stupid, but my senses seemed intensified. You feel like the air smells after a night of rain? You notice how funny Sparrow shakes his head to nip off the crumbs of a large slice of bread? Do you think, what smiles the girl in the subway? I am.

Every story that is part of the novel, in its own way charming, wise and optimistic. And even if he is sad, this sadness is bright and warm. In this book you can find wonderful comparison, colorful descriptions, good humor and the sea of life’s truths. I literally swallowed the contents, wrapping in the distant 1928, suddenly appeared in different parts of the city of green town, Illinois. I lay with the boys in the grass, riding with children on the last in the history of the city tram, was a witness to denounce a neighbor for witchcraft along with Mrs. brown was afraid of the murderer together with the young girls… In fact I almost cried in the subway, feeling resentment for the unfairness of fate in the case of bill Forrester and miss Loomis, and still could not hold back tears when listening to the sounds from the Windows of distant Mexico city through the handset, alongside the Colonel Pileem.

It seems that when I closed the book, turned the switch, responsible for emotional balance. It amused me, energized me, healed me. Made my eyes light up for a long time. Such books have to take to a desert island in space and underwater stations. Only I have the only wish. Please savor this piece. Live in it, dispense it, feel it, ponder every thought. To tell you the truth? The book is a concentration of happiness, but happiness can also be too much.