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DamnedThis is the first book in the series about the girl Madison, who in the day of his thirteenth birthday had died and gone to hell. There she meets many inhabitants of the underworld, its system, rules, features, restrictions… even there She achieves personal success, but at the end of the book is that not everything is so simple and straightforward with her fate.

Palahniuk’s hell is a special world. Very interesting world. Sometimes disgusting, but painfully reminiscent of our planet. What are the rivers and lakes out of used diapers, condoms and other debris. Particularly noteworthy are the souls who had to go to hell. Each has its own “cage” of the complexes, some psychological clips, imperfections.

In this book, a lot of irony, which points directly to the essence of mankind, its about ideals and values, problems, and also how stupid and useless many people live their lives. Meet and philosophical reflections on the difficult, eternal themes. The feature is that the irony and philosophy intertwined with the story events and therefore do not feel a “loss” from the history, the plot, everything is very harmoniously connected. Also not to mention that the book is replete with references to literary works, films, and phenomena of contemporary mass culture. And these references are directly linked to the characters and reveal them even better.

Fan review

Are you there, Chuck? It’s me, your reader. Yesterday I read your next novel and realized that the people who have decided that you scribbled, mistaken in their conclusions. Such a fun read I didn’t get since “Ghosts”. Yeah, I’m just an average resident of planet earth with very limited abilities and lack of any talent, but I’m not a retard and understand what you wanted to say in my novel.

Chuck, are you saying that the only reason why we think the earth is hell, because we hope to find here a Paradise. Maybe you will consider me as your mindless fan around with you agreeing and fascinated look in your mouth, expecting to hear another enlightening quote, but I also have an opinion on this matter, although in many ways you’re right. The only ground why the us seems hell it’s because we haven turned to hell. You’re describing in the novel device and the essence of the underworld, show us the real appearance of life on Earth.

In your hell there is a lake of shit, pools of vomit, but here on Earth there are reservoirs in which floats not only the shit, but all kinds of industrial waste, garbage and petroleum products. In your Kingdom of shadows damned souls working in the field of telemarketing have been removed in the videos to pornographic websites, but we have employees of McDonald’s and real estate agents, advertising agents and couriers, the porn industry and escort agencies. Your purgatory is suffering souls, rushing in a frenzy from the fact that death took from them all the blessings they once possessed, and did not want to deal with it, and therefore locking themselves in cells and indulging in self-abasement, but we have individuals living in a permanent state of hopeless fear of losing what they have and willingly drive themselves into the framework of daily routine and monotony. Isn’t this hell?

But we still have weapons of mass destruction, bureaucracy, corruption, traffic jams, racism, a lot of promise and few performing governors. Just like Satan, right? Chuck, maybe I exaggerating, and are influenced by the dark atmosphere of your novel, but, though we do not realize, life on earth seems, for many, hell, and the fear of death further exacerbates our condition. Maybe we should calm down and realize that hell is not so terrible and that most of us have passed the entrance examinations for admission to this fascinating institution.

Chuck, are you saying that when we finally die, even the homeless and the mentally retarded are unlikely to want to swap places with us. Of course, because death and what lies beyond it, that is not the usual course of time, and the unknown is frightening and sobering to the soul, makes the picture gloomy picture. In fact we do not even know what awaits us in the after life, but there certainly will be different. Chuck, I want to say that you did a hell of a fun novel. It recognized all the attributes that match your style – plenty of freaks, gloomy atmosphere, cynicism, rigid attitude to the surrounding reality and the plot twists which is very difficult to predict. I liked your version of hell.