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Damnation Alley

Damnation AlleyDamnation Alley” is the world of post-Apocalypse, the world after the war, or rather, the ruins of the world because almost nothing is left, except, perhaps, mutated animals, natural disasters, slop pouring from the sky, radiation and the last holdouts surrendering people, civilization which came to an end.

One of the two remaining American cities struck by the plague, and the criminal Hell Tanner, along with five other professional drivers sent via the Valley of Curses, the valley with volcanoes, tornadoes, huge predators and rock falls, to deliver the vaccine, otherwise the city will not survive one. That Tanner, an old hand, the biker gang the Angels, sees the way? He sees a boy who dreams of flying, he sees how easily noble beliefs turn to dust, is a danger only to touch the native beliefs, he sees the loyalty and perhaps love, he sees a mad scientist, who helped to burn down the universities, he sees the selflessness and sees the cruelty.

He is the last angel, but he is a man, with their advantages and disadvantages, the one who had to survive in this horrible postwar world, he is the one who even in death remained true to himself. A short novel, just 150 pages, but strong and bright, kind of drawing a picture of the consequences of the disaster on a world scale, very concise and worth reading.