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Crome Yellow

Crome YellowAlmost textbook picture of English literature – 1920s, the estate, which in the summer attracts a motley crowd of guests, then the crowds of fairs in which you feel extremely lonely, compulsory excursions and lectures “the history of the estate” (by the way, really interesting), love the anguish of the younger generation and the older rhetoric, in which every man for himself and everyone listens only to himself. And I’m not talking about creative problem Denis stone is a young poet whose eyes we see what is happening.

The image of Dennis is beautiful – its not written perfectly (the role went handsome Ivor, famously chasing around the neighborhood, circling a female head and have to some degree all the talents that let you become a welcome guest in every living room), the image of Dennis is beautiful in its realism, their imperfection – a bit naive, a bit pathetic, not very confident (especially on the background of Ivor), unstable feelings and emotions, but, of course, is not deprived vanity, like many people of art. What is necessary to have self-irony to not be afraid to bring in a novel way, which is probably something to himself and charged. In this sense, a great scene with derision novel about a young man in the art world, ie essentially making fun of his own novel.

In General, Huxley me even a little bit surprised. I do not doubt that it is brilliantly educated, erudite man and a great intellectual, but this is his first novel. First novel, written at the age of 27 is so amazing, that would be pride and more Mature of the author, it’s fine observations, reflections, and unobtrusive demonstration of intelligence. Words from the speech of one character on “little Caesar” – a direct reference to the “decline of Europe” by Oswald Spengler, the first volume of which was published three years before the novel or brilliant foresight.