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Creatures of Light and Darkness

Creatures of Light and DarknessQuite extraordinary, atmospheric and compelling to think the book is about creatures arrogantly desired to be equal to his Creator. They distance themselves from Him, he created his own artificial universe governed absurd, cruel, blind laws of Life, which is as futile and as hideous as Death, and Death, which is the same Life, only on the inorganic basis.

The cycle of their endless and merciless. Some of these creatures have the ability to avoid the cycle of what they call Life and Death, as well as to dispose of them in the lives of others, and therefore styled himself “immortal”. However, apart from these artificial Death and Life still continue to exist and make themselves known real Life, which is consciousness and love that has nothing to do with the bursting flesh, which is controlled by Osiris, and the true Death, which is a departure from this universe and which sometimes can not withstand even the “immortal gods”, even the ruler of the artificial Death, Anubis.

At first glance, it is a world made of ideal of Nietzsche’s philosophy. The strongest steel “Superman”, “gods”, and the rest only consumables for their fun. However, becoming “immortal”, the self-proclaimed gods, for the most part, remained prisoners of their vices, ignorance and selfishness. Their existence forever, but if there is real joy and meaning?