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Count Robert of Paris by Walter Scott

Count Robert of Paris by Walter ScottIn February, 1826, while working on the novel “Woodstock”, and sir Walter Scott read the “Book of the acts of Messire Jacques de Lalena”. The author found them to be boring, but decided that the story can be turned into a romance.

In the fall of 1830 he took up the subject again. Scott’s publisher Robert Cadell tried to convince the writer not to undertake extensive work. Despite failing health, Scott refused, as he believed in the great potential of this theme. In his eyes the conflict of two civilizations — East and West — was a watershed, with important consequences moment of history. The original title was simply “Robert of Paris”, then Scott changed it to “Count Robert of Paris”, to avoid confusion with the theologian John of Paris.

At the same time he was working on the next novel, “Castle dangerous,” which wanted to publish together with the “Count Robert of Paris” in the series “the stories of the innkeeper”. Friends feared for the health of the writer (it is during this time experienced two stroke), the doctor advised him to change the situation in a more healthy climate. Scott agreed to the trip only if I can finish both novels. In the end, the author was dissatisfied, “Count Robert,” despite numerous corrections. The novel was published in December 1831, together with “Castle dangerous.”

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