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City of Screams

City of Screams by James RollinsA family that got out on their last journey because their child was dying. And a group of students, led by their archaeologist, who dream of finding something worthwhile. They all ended up in one place. But not everyone will be able to get out. We have an ancient, dead language here that no one can hear. And the boy who knows he will die soon.

The reader is torn, not knowing for whom to follow more. On the one hand the mysteries of the past. Legends and betrayal. Of death, but still not simple. And on the other reasoning of why IT needs to die. After all, he was just beginning life. What will happen to his family, to his mother after his death?! These are such different topics that it is difficult to read. And this despite the fact that pages is nothing at all.

The past is intertwined with the present. Here we learn that Peter killed the girl for the benefit of future generations. It’s always a good excuse to kill people in the Bible. And then we’re back to the present..where under scorching sun-another mother thinks about death. She’s just ready to kill myself, if only it saved her child. Such an eternal paradox between religion and reality. I don’t remember some of the saints – had deliberately killed himself to save others. Accept death-Yes..but only if caught, tied up, etc. Myself – not. How different it is from a mother who’s willing to do anything for her baby. But I hit the wrong way.

This book-a small story, which in itself is delusional. As an introduction to something bigger, this would be a great start. All in the spirit of the writer. But as a separate book…and even in the book, which does not seem to be any logic to this story is lost. But there are all prerequisites for success. Have us, immediately, several stories in one. yeah..although the story – it is not as simple as it seemed from the first row.