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ChokeThis novel is included in the list of works of the writer as an exception, because it is more linear narrative, and has at least some chronology. The book describes the life of a young crook (Victor Mancini), who has been visiting expensive restaurants and plays there attacks of breathlessness, so as not to pay the bill. Loneliness for the main character by reason of insanity, the reason for the contempt and escape from reality.

Nobody likes him, nobody is bound, and the release he finds in unrestrained sex. In the book, and enough black humor, and depiction of physiological details (Palahniuk knowingly starts an affair with the phrase “If you’re going to read it, it is not necessary”), but the novel “Choke” hits to the head, in my opinion, much softer novel “Fight Club”. Maybe it’s because Palahniuk in General, and not telling his readers anything new.

Palahniuk tells all of his books are about the same – abusing society, its orders, rules, what this whole system puts pressure on people. But it would be original if the author himself turned the subject to the trite. The same ideas, the same words and characters as twin brothers. Chuck trying to throw society vomit, semen and guts, but what is the use when they become boring. Physiology is too limited a thing that it could get a lot of interesting.

A novel about finding yourself. About the fruitless search, psychos and sex addicts, spiced with reflections on medicine and God. And the characters are not sufficiently spelled out to them it was possible to imagine and the feel of the book remains exactly the same as from the previous one, but I liked it. Besides, the topic that raises this novel, is always relevant.

But this novel today for me — the best from Palahniuk (of the three I read). And I guess the thing is that here the author departs slightly from the usual scheme — from calls to destroy the existing world and to destroy modern civilization in the form in which it is now. It seems to me that here the author emphasizes on the diagnosis, description of symptoms of diseases of our modern civilization. No wonder he is the main character in the novel is quite close to the medicine constantly in the novel flashed different diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis, end point of which is death, death, death. I have the feeling that the author diagnoses the entire world order and world order.