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Children of the Night: A Vampire Novel

Children of the Night A Vampire NovelThe second part of the cycle of night Dan Simmons takes us to the cold and damp Romania. Kate Neuman, an American hematologist, faced with the disgusting contents of orphans, adopts an abandoned baby. The result falls into the maelstrom of events that force her to face in an unequal battle with the Strigoi, led by Vlad Zapasom.

The continuation of the remarkable “Summer of Night” this book can be attributed to the presence of a Mike O’rourke, one of the Central characters first. But if you change his name, you get a completely separate book. As references to the events of “Summer” is not found.

The book “Children of the Night” consists of several “layers” from which to build this book. First, great pseudodocumentaries about Vlad the Bloodthirsty, the prototype of the real Dracula. Second, the attempt at a scientific explanation kind of vampire. Thirdly, a wonderful tour of bleak devastated Romania. All this is intertwined in the pages of the book, and does not break away from her until late at night. Brings a Hollywood finale with Grand pianos in the bushes. But with one notable point… You remember how worried for Jonathan Harker, who tried to leave the dark castle of Dracula climbing the walls. Here, on the contrary, someone tries to break into this building almost the same way.

American Kate – hematologist, is engaged in research of blood diseases, temporarily working in the children’s Department of the Romanian hospital. She is tied to the baby with rare diseases and raises him, using his contacts his friends at the Embassy.

Almost fled with the child to America, she becomes convinced that her adopted son is completely unique from the medical point of view, has a “mutant body”, which is able to fully restore the host organism, absorbing the blood.