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Catching Fire (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book 2)

Catching Fire (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book 2)This is probably the first time the book and the film are so match each other that even the question may arise what it was before. Usually after watching the film there is a sense that something unsaid, and the book opens so much new that the hoo! This is not the case. But the reading is still informative (if you read in the original) and fun (if you do not remember what we were watching).

However, the second book of the series is less good, because many elements of the plot again (I’ll never know, as the inhabitants of the Capitol year after year I watched the hunger games and not died of boredom – all the same). But on the scene the crowd of new participants (and past winners) games. And they have less a puppet and more clearly spelled out than the participants of the games in the previous book.

Anyway, some of them. Still continued to please the names. Still sad to have to watch a more typical and familiar to young adult throwing a young Princess, not able to determine with the Prince. And the love of the poor Pits flourished so that it was like hugging and crying. But I will continue to read. Still it’s faster than waiting for the next November, when will be released the last film, and post like this, as they say, the Americans, long walks together, I want to see the destination – end of story.

This book is a bridge between the first and the third volume, I do not even want these books to share. I want to say that the second Chapter is just not as well managed. Let’s see what’s in the third, then we can make the final verdict.