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Burmese Days: A Novel by George Orwell

Burmese Days by George OrwellWelcome to soaring jungle ruthlessly lived-in British Burma. In the yard in 1926, and the city Cachada manages a bunch of white Europeans that there are forces trying to instill civility the natives, laying on their lands and their railroads in exchange for forest resources and cheap labor.

The main character named John Flory is a notorious bitch, which, however, developed on the basis of their complexes sickly reflection. It is this reflection over and over again helped him to understand that the native inhabitants – the same people, and mock them like as is not necessary, but… John Flory and then reproached myself for not doing anything.

Who would blame him – he tries to promote the unpopular idea of liberation from oppression, if even the oppressed and the oppressors, strongly support it? Mind, he constantly comes into conflict with the desire to remain any respected person, and the aforesaid desire, as having a greater number of supporters always wins.

John Flory from childhood to stick on themselves the mark of the loser, which can be washed, and you can only hang some of the front shutter, for example, to graze in a crowd with the masters of life. Loser John Flory was in love – when he, ugly, spicy, exchanging the fourth decade, decided to find the love of her life, she began to wag the tail, and despise his lengthy speech.

Around John Flory unfolds brilliant Burma: her smoky from nine o’clock in the morning roasting, its infinite swarms of mosquitoes, its suffocating smell of garlic and coconut oil, it’s ruthless hunting, her hordes of stray dogs, her submissive people who suddenly discovered his ability masterfully to please the white man.

Aerobatics is to crush all his countrymen vysluzhivayas to those who because of the color of you skin does not put a penny. Days in Burma full of racism, sexism and outright pleasure with which the noble English gentlemen wipe their boots about all those who will have no taste.

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