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Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)Briefly about the plot: Bella and Edward are finally married and very productively spent honeymoon: the light appears Renesmee. Bella actually having gone to the light during childbirth, becomes still a vampire. For Renesmee, as to the village unseen man-a vampire, the Volturi come, but they leave with the world. Bella and Edward – the happy, Renesmee and Jacob too.

Now for the cons. First, an awful lot. It’s not great work, where “many” would mean “good.” Here are rather a lot=boring. Tedious descriptions, narration, conversation – fu. Second, in some places resembled a Mexican series. Sex(with hints) – pregnancy – questions from the “who’s in love with someone,” a small climax with the bad guys the Volturi – happy end. Well,at least the part about child bearing was not written on behalf of Bella, and that, I feel, would have to read something a La “this beautiful creature broke my ribs, yay”. But I don’t like to talk about the bad, so better continue to write about what I liked\amused\touched the soul.

God, it’s so cute to spend their honeymoon on a private island!!! Mayer – well done, brought all the pink dream girls to the end. And the island, and a house and a Ferrari. No, seriously, it’s awful to focus on material things, when it actually needs love to go. Damn, I’m good wanted. I really liked a pair of Romanian vampires and losers. About them was fun to read: toppled poor devils from the throne of the most terrible, awful, descendants of Dracula, here they go and dream about how someone nailed the Volturi. Of course, I can not mention romantic moments, especially Jacob, Renesmee, although it is somehow strange. But pretty darn cute. Oh, about Jacob: why did he need to ascribe jokes about blondes – question.