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Blood of Amber

Blood of AmberUsually, all major works Zelazny is quite famous for a strong plot, but in the book, “Blood of Amber” story like in the book “Trumps of Doom” was not pleased. At first, of course, it seems that Zelazny has improved. In the first half of the book the author makes the reader a couple of times to be surprised. The villains are the heroes (though heroes with a few reservations), the heroes are heroes, and before that neutral characters are villains. Here already the reader, like Merlin, questions begin to arise. And then again questions. And again. And again. In General, the whole second part of the book consists of questions.

By cons it could not be attributed, as in the previous Chronicles of the old Corvin often puzzled over these or other mysteries. But his son, it seems, questions as such are not particularly interested in. No, of course he wonders what is around them is happening, but to understand all that is happening is somehow not in a hurry. It only solves one problem which fell on him literally from the map.

It is clear that Zelazny thus warms the reader’s interest to the third book of the Pentateuch, but this time too many questions and almost no reflections of the protagonist. This is a big minus. Besides, for the first time in 6 books from amber’s problems with the ending. As before, it is unexpected, and unexpected as ever.

Besides the obvious downsides, the plot has obvious advantages. As mentioned above, this mess between heroes and villains, the mystery of what is happening, unfortunately ignored by Merlin, and of involvement in actions of a growing number of characters. And one character appears quite interesting storyline. In the end, the pros and cons balance each other, and the “Blood of amber” in terms of plot remains at the level of “Cards of Fate”. If you read these books together, the rating will be higher, but still not at the level of the Pentateuch Corwin.

“Blood of Amber” went further than his predecessor. Even if you read the first two novels about Merlin together, they did not reach the bar of the Pentateuch Corwin. It’s still a good fantasy, but no more. But fans of Zelazny and his Amber Kingdom to read.