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Black Hills A Novel

Black Hills A NovelSimmons deftly juggles past and present hero by the name of Sapa Groin and tells several stories. Such diversity it’s hard not to appreciate, as it is difficult to cover everything at once. We see the boy, the boy, the man and the old man, his whole life torn apart and shuffled the will of the author, is brought before us in detail.

The first few dozen pages have been read rather in bewilderment than interest. Confusion the Lakota words and phrases that are always followed by an explanation of Indian names (only one shaman for a Long Shit that is), a strange construction of the narrative, rather confuse than provoke a desire to read further.

The chapters remind down from the top of the mountain a snowball: the event present increasing infinite flashbacks in such numbers that eventually forget what they read in the beginning. The book itself is a hodgepodge of pieces of the past, present and future of her characters, does not relax and immerse yourself into it completely.

Long to fit in the head, why exactly “the balding General”, who headed the losers and alas, the battle of the little Bighorn, the Indians called “Long Hair” until they had a belated idea to seek assistance from additional sources. And, as it turned out, the book reads much easier if in parallel with the narratives about historical events during the war between the indigenous people of North America and the United States to read similar articles to informative Internet resources.

By the way, in the novel there are unexpected plot twists, it is a pity that the lion’s share of them concentrated to the very end of the book, so on the last pages did not leave an itchy feeling a mild frustration. And yet, despite all the difficulties with the development of the book, I want to experience the “touch and see that was/will be” with a hard life Groin Sapa. “Black hills” is a good novel based on historical events, with a touch of mysticism and a pinch of romance, but if he caught me first of all the books of Dan Simmons, I’d be much less likely to be interested in the rest of his work.