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Bittersweet by Colleen McCullough

Bittersweet by Colleen McCullough«Bittersweet» the last book of the writer Colleen McCullough, written in 2013. It was immediately translated into many languages of the world, as interest in the author has increased in connection with her death. This is perhaps the most bitter part of the popular death of the author. However, it is a worthy point in the work. The novel is written in the best traditions of the genre “family Saga”. Chronologically, the narrative covers a long period of time, like a camera lens we see the lives of four sisters for ten years.

The historical background is the events associated with the global financial crisis of the thirties or the great depression in the United States that affected Australia, as well as the political struggle in the government which is wedged one of the characters. I would like to mention a pleasant and stylistically rich language of storytelling, well written naturalistic scenes of nature of Australia and the transmission accuracy of all the intricacies of the mentality of the people of this country. Before us the life story of two pairs of sisters-twins, Edda and grace, tufts and kitty Latimer. Perhaps they are all together and the collective main character of the novel, so it is difficult to nominate someone for the leading role. And the story of their life one at all.

Growing up, the four of them go on courses to nurses at the local hospital. What else could they do? A lot of the young girls in the late twenties is to marry the hen with the kids, or become a teacher or become a nurse. Sister Latimer dug deeper, and went into medicine. Each of them had to go the hard way. Someone dropped out of the race and jumped married, leaving nursing (by law, nurses were forbidden to have a family); someone managed to acquire and children in marriage; someone went to the increase, dedicating his life to the sick, sacrificing his personal happiness; and one of the sisters even entered the medical University, after a coup d’état in society (women had not received higher education).

But all this time, despite marriage and divorce, moving and separation, the sisters were the native people in the Universe. Their stories are extraordinary and full of a variety of shades, reading – immersed in their lives, empathize and rejoice with them. A little cheesy, but with bitterness. After all, pleasure is always slightly bitter. For example, the path of life each of the characters Colleen McCullough shows the readers how difficult it is to win its place under the sun in this world, being a woman. The theme of the emancipation of women is dominant in this novel along with the theme of feminization.

According to the author in this man’s world there is a place for women. Women are not only mothers, wives and sisters, but also women doctors, women politicians, lawyers and chiefs. In our days, raised by the author of the theme doesn’t seem very relevant. Although the novel is written in two-thousand years, the author still raises the “ancient” theme in literature.

Colleen McCullough does it with a purpose – to show today’s modern emancipated women, as it was difficult to take the first steps those first women at the beginning of the last century who dared to challenge society and generally accepted unwritten laws. Edda, grace, kitty and tufts have done this and achieved success in medicine. The author on the example of these heroines proves that you should always move forward, to try and knock on the door and you’ll open.