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Bellman and Black

Bellman and BlackThe 19th century and the Victorian era could not be better suited for posing the main question of the book Setterfield – what is man, his memory, his relationship to the past, present and future. What is eternal, the blind pursuit of the future without looking back at the past, and consequently without a proper understanding of the present. And is it possible truly to understand the present and see the future without remembering, and therefore while not having past?

Setterfield skillfully plays and overplays the stereotypes and expectations associated with the stated, it would seem, has the title theme and genre: the ghosts are not the ghosts, the story is not the same, the rooks are a symbol of not what was expected, given the symbolism of Gothic literature. And Mr. black is not the one for whom it takes the reader from the outset. Who is he at all, this Mr. black? Good question!

Reading the book, I remembered how last year in the process of reading “the Man who took wife for a hat” Oliver sacks, often thought of one of the Christmas stories of Dickens – the story of how a man got rid of his memories and to his horror lost myself. Here it is! That is why the will is gradually and irrevocably becoming the first William, then by Bellman and Mr. Bellman, and then many do take for Mr. black. Innocent and understandable at first glance, the situation – as they get older, formation and career growth one gains weight and value in society, but it ceases to seem normal reflection of the person’s status when it becomes clear that together with the acquisition of new a person irrevocably loses the old. Once becoming a Bellman, he forgets that once someone was a will, and most others no longer perceive it as something other than a Bellman.

Will, not able and not willing to take sorrow, simply ignoring and forgetting everything that causes suffering. Reaching forward, seeing the future, in a sense, almost “perpetual motion”, the winning time. And this was his hallmark puts it, among other things, facing the threat of losing the ability to love and care for others. Look forward can turn into extreme practicality reaching thoughts about bargaining with death.