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AttachmentsThe protagonist of the book twenty-eight Lincoln, in whose life the most striking event is a school novel, ended ten years ago. Lincoln now lives in the house with his mom, and most recently he found a job in the newspaper “Courier”. His work is not difficult, you only need to sit and view someone else’s e-mail correspondence for violations and send red flags for it. That’s basically all he does.

Works on weekdays, and on weekends goes to visit friends and plays games with them. But once Lincoln finds in his computer correspondence of two employees and from nothing to do begins to read their letters. But soon the funny correspondence turns for Lincoln into something more, he even falls in love with one of the girls for the first time in ten years. Reading other people’s messages is not correct, but Lincoln can not quit this case. Along the way with correspondence outside get out moments of the same school love, which the guy still can not forget. The lives of Beth and Jennifer, too, is not static, it evolves regardless of the fate of the protagonist. Before the eyes of the reader pass like the UPS still downs.

Very easy, unobtrusive story. From such a books not waiting for something write home about. Bright heroes here no, more than that they are infantile, just go with the flow. I’m sure one of you or someone you know has fallen in love with a pen PAL. What if it is not a friend, and not writing to you.

The task to cope with love is not easy. Lincoln is reading other people’s correspondence, he has a job, read and send a warning, if they write something inappropriate. But he does his job not always responsibly, he never sends a warning to two friends-Jennifer and Beth, because he always waits for their correspondence with impatience, because he fell in love in absentia with one of the girls.

Lincoln guy hesitant and very modest, has a good education, but loses time at work, which looks nothing like, she lives with her mother and is unable to leave her behind. And he’s 9 years old is suffering because of an unhappy first love. The guy in the full bloom of life and youth 9 years of suffering? I find that hard to believe. Jennifer and Beth walking to the turn in 30 years, but judging by the correspondence, the development of their lags for 15 years.

Jennifer can not determine pregnancy, then she is pregnant so she thinks, she does not seem but she doesn’t want, and then wants, and then he doesn’t want to. Beth can’t understand the relationship, really wants to get married, but for many years lived with a guy who is not going to marry her because he doesn’t need family, he is not ready for such responsibility, but the girl doesn’t want to let go, he loves her.