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Around the World in Eighty Days by J. Verne

Around the World in Eighty Days by J. Verne«Around the World in Eighty Days» was a very English book. Here are presented the British with his stiffness and punctuality, with a love of spending time in clubs with the newspaper or a game of whist, with control over half of the globe, in the end. And as a true example of a true Englishman and gentleman Phileas Fogg. Calm person, a homebody, living strictly according to the schedule.

And it turns out that he is able to get involved in almost hopeless adventure to go around the world! In the way he manifests all the best qualities of the human soul, are persistently behind the mask of coldness, persistence, resourcefulness, sense of humor, kindness, courage. The author admires and is proud of his hero

The great writer Jules Verne tells us about a man Phileas Fogge. Who made a bet with members of his club to make a trip around the world from West to East is not more than 80 days. Bet twenty – thousand butnow sterling. And so, together with his servant Passepartout. Phileas Fogg begins a journey from London. Next on his itinerary looks like this:

Way – Way – Duration:
London — Suez (train, steamer) – 7 days
The Suez — Bombay (steamer) – 13 days
Bombay — Calcutta (train) – 3 days
Kolkata — Hong Kong (elephant, steamer) – 13 days
Hong Kong — Yokohama (steamer) – 6 days
Yokohama — San Francisco (steamer) – 22 days
San Francisco — new York (train) –
7 days new York to London (steamer, train) – 9 days
The result: 80 days

For these gorgeous and bad days, they happen a lot of different stories. They see new places, meet strong friendship with people, feel new smells, feel new sensations. And no matter what, hold your course. The book describes the nature, customs, sights, history, cities, and many more wonderful things hidden in this remarkable book.

A significant drawback of the book – a huge list enumerated in the text the names of towns, rivers, lakes, which for the unenlightened geography of people, empty sound. Well, the fact that in addition to the names and couples and so well-known facts the reader learns about far-off countries is nothing new. The purpose of the journey after all, not sightseeing, which can sometimes end in tears, and the achievement of the destination in the shortest possible time. So for fans to read about the culture and traditions of other peoples, certainly not to this book. But adventurers will like it.

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