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Antic Hay

Antic Hay“Antic Hay” – a satirical novel, full of irony and laughter, based on hyperbole much exaggerated, and ridiculed – all: human stupidity, education, art, marriage, Commerce… All heroes “clowns”, “clowns”, “actors”: their serious thoughts and dialogues are very serious.

The main character – a former teacher Gambrel Younger, frustrated in education. History forgotten: the hero comes up with the idea of “air Pants”, he decides that this is his chance to get rich. Here a satire on merchants who are able to invent and to sell useless things for fashion, which prefers all-new (not good quality), advertising, promoting ridiculous inventions, etc. Surprisingly, the pants do change the character (not appearance, because they look ridiculous, and the internal: give him some confidence), but even more transforming artificial beard – and he feels that he is not “someone Soft and Melancholic”, and “Whole person”. Things allow you to play, to wear masks, to change.

Friends of the protagonist are the same actors as Gambril. They also have their “air Pants”, his main business: one – mediocre artist and a mediocre poet, the other a physiologist, kidney specialist, another a journalist, a believer in “boudoir Rococo”, “conversations around the mahogany table” and “gentle, witty, delicate love scenes on the wide sofa”… They’re all ridiculous, dependent things, objects and words. And they love to talk! Conversations occupy a large part of the novel, with each said first and foremost about themselves and not about the interlocutor.

Female characters are also exaggerated mask. Mrs. Shearwater plays the role of a noble lady, the patron of young poets. Her name is Rosie, she has a very pink room with pink Wallpaper, pink curtains and a pink bed (all underlined in the text), and she is silly person, seeker of love adventures, have discovered the secret to a happy marriage is a lover’s presence. The book is satirical and funny, no drama: after the first betrayal Rosie deceived husband think that his wife finally became “amazing” (that is, ceased to obstruct the work of the specialist in kidneys). The antithesis of Mrs. Shearwater – Emily, rejecting sensual pleasure in favor of intimacy. Another female character – Mrs. Vives – covered by infinite boredom and a slow death (in the descriptions of the heroine constantly present metaphor of death).

Both women and men in the book are constantly playing a role. Clowning gives the appearance that they are not responsible for their actions and for their lives. They just swirl in a clownish dance, obmanyval the illusion of intelligence and creativity: nothing really valuable, they do not create. And maybe the whole world is involved in this carnival and madness.