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Angels & Demons: A Novel (Robert Langdon)

Angels & Demons A Novel (Robert Langdon)I’ve been planning to read the series of books about the adventures of Robert Langdon. And I decided finally to plunge into the world full of ancient mysteries and exciting events. In the end, I was left with a positive impression of the book. Although if I hadn’t watched the film adaptation before reading, the effect would be stronger. And so I knew from the beginning who the main villain. The book is somewhat reminiscent of the Indiana Jones adventures.

Only in the concrete jungle. Brown is often criticized for the fact that the facts in his books do not match reality. And for many, reading his books get the wrong impression about historical events. I read the book, not trying to compare it with the real events. This is just a work of art with a gripping storyline, car chases and mysteries. This is not an encyclopedia on the history of the Vatican. And on the first page of the book has no notes, “based on real events”. Therefore, all the historical inaccuracies, I deliberately ignored that and allowed us to enjoy reading. Some of the events of the book are a little exaggerated.

A striking example is the jump from a helicopter without a parachute. By “soft” landing in the river, Langdon not only survived, but almost immediately stood up, dusted himself off and raced back to the Vatican to restore justice (well at least I remembered to change out of hospital pajamas and not flash butt naked in the Vatican). The fact that he survived the fall, but still fell near the hospital, I’m taking it easy – this is the book. If it were as close to reality, Langdon in the middle of the book would have died under the sarcophagus.

The result:

1. The book was quite exciting. Sometimes felt that the events far-fetched, but not enough to shut the book, not having read to the end.

2. The book differs from the movie. In principle, the Directors quite properly changed and removed some of the storyline. If the film is completely repeated a book, he would be boring.

3. Personally, I have the image of the book and the movie Robert Langdon is absolutely not the same. Well, I could not imagine Tom Hanks when I read the book. But he perfectly fit into the screen. In General, in my imagination at the same time, there are two images of Langdon. And I’m totally okay with.

4. The book original is read perfectly. This is my subjective opinion. But I met an interesting grammatical construction, and has increased his vocabulary.