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Angel by Colleen McCullough

Angel by Colleen McCulloughOf course the novel «Angel» is very similar to the tone of the author and the topics raised by the book «The Touch» and «The Thorn Birds», but the story is very beautiful. McCullough writes again about the emancipation of women, about the harsh everyday life in the slums of Australia. The cruelty of cystocoele, love, mercy, baby on the syndrome of autism. And the main character in all her work. That is to see and experience every reader of this remarkable book.

Yes, the book is very dirty and unpleasant. When our main character gets arbitrarily from a prosperous family (which as her guy a priest – so she got tired) much becomes clear in advance. But no – the story is completely different. This is not a story of the fall and disintegration of the personality. On the contrary, a history of the formation of personality. The main personality in all the works of McCullough. That Elizabeth Maggie that here Harriet. Emancipated, thick-skinned woman, who is sometimes a little too differently looks at life. And only she is able to understand and love the cute angel. The mentally retarded child, which she bequeathed to the hostess.

The book has collected all your favorite themes McCullough. Religion was less, but the issue of abortion, the retarded children, emancipation had reached its climax. Well, sex, as always, did not remain without attention of the author. Given the tone of McCullough, this is a very interesting and entertaining to watch.