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American Gods

American Gods by Neil GaimanI understand how it is possible in nomadic tribes — each has its own God-totem, no tribe — no God. Understand, that realistically could move in hearts or things people “an underclass” of a deity — brownies, for example, those same Pixies or nymphs, fauns. But the main gods aren’t. Looking ahead, I say that Neil Gaiman himself shared my opinion, he turned the story to the right end and I have no more claims to him or to the gods.

Before us-a book-journey, a book-detective, a book-a mystery and a melodrama, and a fairy tale, and this is not an exaggeration. The classic clash of the new and the old, good and evil, and now — you are sitting and choosing — for whom you. And in any case it turns out that you are on the side of the main character, as if not praying to the new gods — media, technology, transport. To talk about the book — spoiler. Better read it and find out what’s going on! I can only say that Geiman is not denied a deep knowledge of the subject. Prepared. Here gods of all countries and continents are collected, and their features are very precisely allocated.

I read it was easy, many of the gods, I learned “in person”, but read the links with great interest anyway (it is a pity that in my edition I had to dive back and forth at the end of the book). And I had a song that accompanied my reading – “about the Torah” by Natalia Baranovskaya. Advise! And the best part-the book was written in good company. Neil was supported by Terry Pratchett, Diana Wynn Jones and many other wonderful people.