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Amazonia by James Rollins«Amazonia» – a very exciting book, keeping in suspense from beginning to end and containing a mountain of stamps, and a lot of quite original, interesting ideas, a mountain of cognitive facts and has a stunning sultry atmosphere of the Amazon jungle. The book with its main task to cope, and therefore, we should not judge her strictly due to the genre affiliation. Reading, just relax and let James Rollins lead you through the jungle toward adventure and will get most of the pleasure, which turned to this book!

This story is fantastic. In humans, under certain conditions, regenerate limbs, the heroes attack the giant caimans, fish-mutants, aggressive locusts, etc. Life in the jungle and so not sugar – humidity, heat, mosquitoes and parasites can wearing anyone. Plus the natives, the unseen killers.

Expedition lost in the jungle, you need to go in search of them and meet monstrous mutants. Plus competitors-bandits pursuing their Mercantile goals. In the meantime, a terrible virus taking its roots from the forests and decimated the population of the States. We need to find a cure, we need to find traces of missing people, solve the mysteries of mutant animals, we need to survive. That, of course, will not succeed all.

Among all this splendor and cons are. The fact that this book is a perfect blockbuster. This means that the supervillain, as always, will not kill the main character, and leave it next to the bomb with a timer. This means that Rangers on the one hand and mercenaries on the other will die like flies, providing impeccable dynamics and action. This means that the main character will win all and everything, sleep with a red-haired beauty and save the world, gaining star-striped glory, thanks for this its Creator Mr. Rollins and gorgeous swarming in the bushes.

And yet, isn’t that why we love American adventure blockbusters like «Indiana Jones» or the same «Amazonia»? Such works do not claim to have a deep meaning or great artistic value. They are designed for a variety of audiences, for wide consumption, in order to entertain the reader, to help him to visit another world, without straining at all at the same time, to give a taste of adventure, danger and, most importantly, the taste of victory and triumph. And all this without taking off your Slippers and not ceasing to chew popcorn.