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Altar of Eden

Altar of EdenAgain, the reader meets with the favorite characters of the book Rollins, who will save the world. And very interesting they are successful. This time in the book there are people who once belonged to the Guild, they are now in other groups but still the squad of Sigma has to face and fight for life and death – and the price is the life of all mankind.

As usual written a very interesting book in so many historical characters, so much information about these discoveries, events which is presented to a very easy and affordable. And of course one scene Rollins is not complete. Ice and fire – though this time the flames, the heat was in the ice too and some more, it was all beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Enjoyed reading about the elephants, how they are smart and interesting in their behavior. People really need to learn something from animals. Seyhan probably I like the books the most, although she used to be on the other side, but now and before her actions, her behavior is simply admirable.

After a severe hurricane, the border guard found a wrecked trawler in the Mississippi Delta. But on the ship there is no man command… But in the hold, the guards find a surprising cargo — a parrot in a cage, able to calculate the number “PI”, baby saber-toothed Jaguar, Python, possessing limbs, and many other incredible animals like appeared in our time from some prehistoric eras. In order to deal with the discovery, the ship invited scientist from New Orleans. Lorna Polk has not yet started to research, and on the trawler and around it begin to occur strange and terrible events…