Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis CarrollLewis Carroll’s tale has long been firmly registered in the “Golden Fund” of children’s literature. And this despite the fact that for today’s children, not all in the history of the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland seem understandable and even more fun.

This whole Carroll – wordplay, caustic satire and generously scattered throughout the text allusions are woven into a tight knot: to unravel it is not so easy even for an adult reader, and not too directing in the realities of the Victorian era
Podobayetsya book that perhaps only a mathematician could be written. I use the formal logic based on not funny assumptions turns out even more ridiculous conclusions.

Also, the author actively uses new words, forming completely new words, but the meaning of which can be understood in parts. And these words also make a highlight in the book. Here the translators had to work hard to convey the author’s intent. In General, the book is interesting idea to get into another world where the laws of our world do not work. And it turns out that all this is a dream.

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