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After You

After You by Jojo Moyes«After You» by Jojo Moyes is my favorite book that I’m ready to re-read again and again. And so when last year I found out about the sequel, at first I was delighted, as thus there is opportunity to meet again on the pages of the book Louisa, and learn have used it the Board will. But after the euphoria of the news was, in my head spun only one thought – “Why?!”. I don’t know about others, for me this story was finished, and I have a special sense in the sequel to saw.

I am very skeptical about it. Although if she wrote a book about will’s life, it would be better, but this idea is also as old as the world. After all, how would Moyes tried, she still did not surpass the popularity of the previous book, and the sequel can spoil the impression from this story.

Eighteen months have passed since the death of will Traynor, but Louise cannot come to terms with it and move on, as it was from her will. Her life has not changed for the better, she got stuck at work that hates his personal life zero, she’s depressed and can not come in myself and letting go of will. And once drunk, she climbs to the roof where the curse will because he left her, and suddenly hears the voice of a girl, which Louise, lost his balance, falling off the roof. After the crash, her life begins to change.

To be honest, after reading the reviews, I already knew what I prepare, but in one of your reviews in General the whole story is told that one would not take on this book. But still it is better with your own eyes to see, than to hear a thousand times. And I’m not sorry that I read this book. Of course, this is not the exact hit in the heart, and can’t add a book to your favorite list, but, in my opinion, it is a worthy continuation of the acclaimed novel. Could be worse. I could not decide on a rating for the book. It’s not solid five, but I still liked the novel.

It may, of course, the fact that I have not compared the two books were able to ignore it, and so got the pleasure of reading. Although I agree that the book “After You,” loses much of the book “Me Before You“, there is no in it those colors, emotions. The book does not cause excitement, you don’t have to think over the story after reading. But that doesn’t mean this book is bad, it is just different. And the emotions are quite different. This book does not cause tears, but it still is grief. This novel tells what happened with the characters after will’s death, how they are affected.

But as there are brand new heroes. The atmosphere of the novel reminded me of the movie “P. S I love you”, there is also the main theme lies in finding the strength and desire to continue to live after the death of a loved one, try to survive the bitter loss. The whole book is inspired by sadness, grief. The story seemed real, genuine (although some moments seemed to me stupid, naive, and somewhere improbable) in terms of the character of Lou and all that was going on with her.

For me it would be weird if she immediately after writing the will, would have changed radically his life. She has always been very slow, indecisive. She constantly needs someone to her instructed. From the first pages, I plunged into the story of Lou, and could not tear myself away from the book, you can say I read avidly. I never got bored with the book, there was moments when I wanted to abandon reading, but I think the book is slightly longer. Although in contrast to the “Before I met you” sometimes this book caused irritation and anger because of the stupidity of its characters.

But sometimes some moments in the story are puzzling. There was a certain similarity with the Latin American series. Louise – from bright and cheerful Lu in this novel, we can say, nothing left. Although she is, how insecure she was, such and remained. Apparently all the talk with will gone for it in vain. Here it’s all kind of gray and unremarkable, feeling that she was not 28, and all 60. But in the situation in which she was to blame for this one. I have not thought implausible that it took so long mourned by will. After all, who knows what in its place would have done many. After all, she had just found someone who understood her, and almost immediately lost it. And she tries to move on, she feels sorry for himself constantly scrolls in my head the events, misses will not want to change.

But most of all infuriated by the weakness of Lu. She is ready to gratify all, to forgive all, especially Lily. Believed in everything themselves to blame, and especially in those cases where guilt is not. And I already, I think extreme just stupid. Lily here with her appearance and begins some Indian movie, I swear! A very strange and unexpected turn of events! This is one of the new characters in the novel, a man from the past will. And having read the novel, I thought, and if she managed to talk to will before his death, he would change his plans, or on the contrary accelerated the process? Lily starts to hate from the first page. According to her, she could spit in the soul of the people, behave like a bitch and its impossible to criticize, because she’s a “personality” and all must accept it. Whines all the time, that no one loves her, etc. But there is nobody to blame but herself.

Towards the end of the novel, opinion of it do not really change much, but at least they more or less understand. On the one hand too formulaic described it Moyes is violent and difficult teenager, drinks, smokes, takes drugs, etc. But on the other hand, because such adolescents also occur. And I can understand why Moyes did it – to throughout the book Lily and Lou made each other better. Sam – I liked him. The only sane person in this whole affair. Calm, level-headed, knows what he wants. He was always close to Lou.

Of course, it will not replace a will, but I like their tandem with Lou was like, and reading about them was a pleasure. And somehow I was in his role the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but apparently there appeared again my Association with the adaptation of the novel Ahern. In the novel even amuse the parents of Lou, with their pseudo issues. They were not the most normal, and then all went crazy. Apparently Moyes had to fill in the blank sheets, so came up with this nonsense. For someone the finale again seemed open, but here it goes without saying that this is the end. And it’s so for any book you can write a sequel. After all, the real finale – it does not mean that everyone should get married, something specific to achieve, somewhere to stay.

In this case, the aim was to show how Louise found peace, strength and hope. The novel is written in beautiful language, from what read calls a pleasure. There are things you can and stop being sad and to laugh. The story makes you think about what to go on, to enjoy life is not to betray the memory of a person or to forget it. And most importantly, nothing to regret. I think many readers, not enough will. But still his presence is felt. © Fari22