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A Winter Haunting (Seasons of Horror Book 2)

A Winter Haunting (Seasons of Horror Book 2)The main character Dale Stewart disappointed in a writer, returns to the town where he spent his childhood, bleak baggage of a life lived and to relive the memories of that summer writing a book about him. Dale – a typical example of a man who turned half a turn of life and suddenly realized that all those years were wasted.

Still – a family, a stable teaching career at the University suddenly broken and put down the drain because of the frivolous an affair with a student. The inevitable break with the past Dale has experienced a painful and added to the passive of his life to an unsuccessful attempt to blow their own brains. In addition, the writers field Dale is not enough stars from heaven, its destiny remains a certain popularity, income and a complete lack of satisfaction in itself. All of this leads to the idea that past life – not his.

And he’s right. Promised in childhood to become a writer for a tragically lost friend, Dale, actually borrowed his fate, but noble impulse and the will was not enough, not enough talent, which fully had killed Dwayne.

Farm in the suburbs, completely cut off from communication with the world… Scored passage on the vacant lot years the second floor, whose Windows suddenly lit the light… Sealed tunnel in the basement… a Pack of strange black dogs like chasing the hero… the Encrypted message from the Ghost… the Atmosphere is otherworldly skillfully injected, always a little before reaching the peak. The book is “A Winter’s Haunting” grab it by innuendo, which acts as the locked room, open the door which stretches out the hand, but at the last moment otdelyvatsya. Immensely pleased with the sanity of the protagonist, who is not asking for trouble, not seeking to get into dark places alone, seeing that in his absence in the house for some reason the lights came on, turns around and hurries to the city to spend the night in a Motel.