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A Storm of Swords (A Song Of Ice And Fire Book 3)

A Storm of Swords (A Song Of Ice And Fire Book 3)The plot is amazing, twisting and turning, surprising, exciting. The characters in this story and loved the old and new, cool written and memorable. The composition is standard for Martin – each Chapter tells about a certain character. It was interesting to compare his experience of the series with the book. Say, perhaps,as a series loses more deep and rich series Martin. There are more items, heroes, more logic.

What do we have? We have here a lot of kings who do not know how to rule, and can only tear part of the Kingdom. The country is in flames of war, a single king is still there, behind the Wall Wake up Some (but kings – almost all – do not care, because they believe that there are problems more important) and the coming winter. Yes, yet it only begins to feel a warm breeze is replaced by a cold North wind, that almost nobody notices. But we know winter is coming. And this winter no one is ready, but because it will be terrible. In fact, it is important not game of thrones, big game light and darkness, the result of which will decide the fate of all.

I would also like to tell only about some of the characters. Like it is Daenerys. From it, I think, would make a good Queen, because she goes to his goal no matter what, and is able to recognize their own mistakes, which is very important for any person and more importantly for the ruler. John, who I liked from the first book, and here it fails. Interesting character, burdened with doubt, but at the same time determined when the required time. About Tyrion even say, probably not worth it, because everybody knows that he’s incredibly cool. Right? In this book, I fell in love with Jaime.