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A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy by Laurence Sterne

A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy by Laurence SterneDeciding to make a trip to France and Italy, an Englishman with a Shakespearean name Yorick landed in Calais. He is thinking about travelling and travelers, separating them into different categories. He himself classified as “sensitive travelers”. By Yorick in a hotel comes a monk with a request to donate to a poor monastery, that pushes the hero to reflect on the dangers of charity.

The monk gets rejected. But wanting to make a favorable impression on he met a lady, the hero gives him a tortoiseshell snuff box. He offers this attractive lady to go together as they are on the way, but, despite the mutual sympathy, is denied. Arriving from Calais to Montreuil, he hires a servant, a young Frenchman, named La Fleur, irrepressible character and cheerful disposition which is very contribute to a pleasant journey.

On the way from Montreuil to Nanpan La flair has thrown off a horse, and the rest of the way master and servant rode together in a post-chaise. In Nanyone they meet a pilgrim, bitterly mourning the death of his donkey. At the entrance to the Amiens Yorick sees a stroller count L***, which with him sits his sister, already familiar to the hero of the lady. A servant brings him a note in which Madame de L*** offers to continue the acquaintance and invites on the way back to stop by in Brussels.

But the hero remembers a certain Elise, which had sworn allegiance to England, and after painful hesitation solemn promise to myself that Brussels will not go, in order not to fall into temptation. La Fleur, made friends with the servant of Madame de L***, gets into her home and entertains the maid playing the flute. Hearing the music, the mistress she is calling him to himself, where he is lavish with his compliments, allegedly on behalf of his master. In conversation it turns out that the lady received no response to its letters, and La Fleur, pretending to have forgotten it at the hotel, returns and persuades the owner to write to her, offering him a sample letter written by the corporal of his regiment the wife of the drummer.

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