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A Man Called Ove: A Novel

A Man Called Ove A NovelFredrik Bachman is the male version of Fanny Flagg. Their books can be called fairy tales for adults, but in my eyes they are drawn to the whole direction in philosophy. Their whole point is reduced to one phrase, which Said Ove wife and that, if I had a family coat of arms, I would make my motto – “You can spend time to die, and you can – to live. We gotta go!”

Their books are color lenses for the eyes, it’s a very useful simulator to pull yourself out of grayness and fatigue to remember that the world is not just about what you hate, it has good. And it is a lot, it is necessary only not to forget to see it, to focus a look on the correct. For example, walking down the street, I can only look at the dirt under my feet, angry at the rain (snow, wind, heat, stuffiness) and whine that I did not sleep. Or I can enjoy my shoes, which I feel comfortable in any weather, that soon I will drink a Cup of coffee and how I will enjoy the evening in your favorite pajamas.

The street won’t be different, but I will be different. Being angry is easier, so for the positive I need the effort, the energy for which I take here in these books here. And chocolates. Ove 59 years and he planned how would he die to dirt, electricity not to overpay and suit not to spoil. Ove is very economic, his hands grow from where it is necessary and, it seems, even two pairs. Very reliable and very lonely. His life brought him to a state of” Berserker”, he was ready to tirelessly challenge her and fight when there was someone. For his wife.

But now she’s gone, Ove have been retired and now he doesn’t know how to fill his days. Ove hate everyone and everything, but that’s because he has a chronic mental pain of longing for your loved one. Ove loner, neighbors are annoying. Then on the lawn will come, then do not live as it should. Wrong live. And most importantly, they will not let you die peacefully. What did I like about Bachman? Positive without sugarcoating things. Well, OK, it was a little too intelligent cat, too cute kids, some strained comic line with the journalist and clumsy gay.

But it’s just a little thing, compared to the charisma of everything else. I thought Ove, a widower and a grouchy grump, would turn into a stuffed Bunny with a couple of kids ‘ smiles from the neighbor’s daughters. But fortunately, I was wrong. Ove was a tough nut to crack. And how can it be otherwise, if the shell, which has grown his soul from loss and anger, is already thicker than the armor T110E3. If everything that was the meaning of his life is gone from her, if he does not know how to kill a new day and decides that it is necessary not to kill him, but himself.