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A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe

A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel DefoeLondon, 1665. The town falls a disease that is ubiquitous religious mass called God’s punishment. When you consider how many lives they have claimed, and it is not clear (for that person) it was passed – it’s hard to blame them. Infected peasants, merchants, butchers, albeit to a lesser extent, but was not spared and members of the nobility.

Some doctors asserted that the disease is afraid of heat, others that spreads quickly in it. All to be expected, captured the horror. Houses with infected immediately locked, regardless of the fact that a number of patients were a healthy family, a dead body was just dumped (the word “buried” here is totally inappropriate) in General pit. There were nurses, in theory vyhazhivanie patients in fact helped them to quickly go to the ancestors and shapeways their property. And that, in fact, not all, what says Defoe.

The book tells about very scary things, but it is terrible difficult to call. And all because of the startling indifference, if not apathy, of the narrator. It with the same tone and talks about the problems with the supply of products, and about the dying babies. The picture though seems to be pretty bright, but, at the same time, too far.

Now a bit about the authenticity of the work. The book is written so carefully, so meticulously it dealt with all aspects of city life that as you read it seems incredible that this is a work of fiction, not published diary of a real eyewitness. There are many literary – historical debates about whether this work is a true chronicle of events or is it purely a figment of the imagination of Daniel Defoe, who at the time described in the book misery, was only about 6 years.

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