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A Graveyard for Lunatics (Crumley Mysteries #2)

A Graveyard for Lunatics Another Tale of Two Cities (Crumley Mysteries #2)Unbearable the Illusory nature of Existence – in this phrase for me expressed the essence of the magical work of Ray Bradbury, most fully displaying its unique style and its atmosphere, which is in contact with the real world becomes inconceivable fantasmagorichnost. This time the action moved from rainy Venice in Sunny Hollywood, on the eve of all Saints Day of 1954.

Bradbury himself admits that Halloween is his favorite night of the year, and remembering many of his other works, illuminating the mystical atmosphere of this holiday, to doubt this fact is not necessary. The cinema has occupied an important place in the life of a writer, so comparing with the first part ( “Death Is a Lonely Business” ), the second part of the cycle of Noir detectives Bradbury is more pronounced autobiographical features of real prototypes characters. What about the book? There is an almost invisible, thin line beyond which happiness ends and begins the madness.

Hollywood could be called a Paradise, the only place in the world where fantasies embodied life, dreams come true, and dreams come true. A place where creativity has no boundaries. A place where Calvary are visible towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral, and Jesus still turns water into wine. So, dear reader, welcome to a Graveyard for lunatics!

And it’s not so much been a Halloween mask boiling the creative process of Hollywood as it is a way of the American movie industry through the eyes of a young, spoiled by fame and money, science fiction writer. The attributes of the Hollywood “cemetery” are everywhere in and around worth a look: “rotten script, actors, limp as corpses, English Directors-undertakers, their crooked legs they fail to deliver even a whale!”. Here people are put at stake everything for the sake of art called Cinema.

So the madness is here not an accident, it is inevitable. Genius is one step away from the absurd. Cold cutter is already engraved on the stone invitation to the sinister holiday, and together with the main character, after blowing the dust from the marble slab, you, the reader, will reveal an incredible secret Monster. From myself I admit that the ending of the detective, I guessed about halfway through the book and I think it’s even slightly spoiled the impression about the book? Not in the least.

The intrigue still would not disappear, though, cutting Bradbury all the cards from the beginning. Because here has a higher value as shown in the plot, and absolutely no desire to delve into investigation when it is possible to enjoy a vivid representation, a real movie carnival. After all, the overall impression, Bradbury received a book-film. And it seems not only thanks to the artistic execution of the novel, but rather due to the construction of scene composition. The dialogue is spectacular, as if spoken from the stage, the situation around is blown, the situation is aggravated by the wait is overwhelmed: “something has to happen! Necessarily” when the reader’s tension reaches its peak… feeling not vain, new discoveries are impressive in its scale and, of course, razumnosti embodiment.